Maxmind sponsorship renewed

Our sponsor for IP address geo-localization has renewed partnership with Netlantis/FRnOG Tools, providing us a Maxmind Region Database.

New website for RTG

The Routing Table Geoanalysis website has been rebuilt from scratch (using the RANX look-and-feel).

Check it out at http://rtg.netlantis.org/.

Also a new logo has been created for it.


New server finally up and running

I've just finished building the new server for Netlantis.

It has the following specs :
1 x Intel e8500 CPU
4 x 2 GB RAM PC6400 CL4
2 x Gigabyte iRAM 4 GB (in RAID 0)
2 x Seagate 250 GB HDD (in RAID 1)
1 x Seagate 250 GB spare HDD

Because of the size of the iRAM (and the bad design of this ASUS P5Q-Premium motherboard) I had to build some custom pieces (which was actually fun) and to use a 13 cm flexible PCI riser (bought on LinITX).

Here's what the server looks like :

If I were to build such a system now (I have my iRAM since 1 year now), I would choose an HyperDrive5 16GB drive... read more here. It has a disk (actually a compact flash) for backups (which is to me a better idea than a battery), has a better architecture, and is less expensive.


Netlantis got a new server

This new server will be the house of the ASGEO project, which has been inactive for a few months, due to lack of time, but also to technical issues/limits.

The server has the following specs :
- CPU Intel E8500 (2 cores, 3.13Ghz, FSB1333)
- 8 GB RAM
- 2 x 4 GB RAID0 RAM-based SSD (or 4 GB in RAID1)
- 250 GB RAID1

Not a so big machine, but is has everything needed to quickly bring ASGEO to "real" life.

In the end, I think ASGEO will still rely on some user-generated content though, but I hope this won't be a big issue.

The server will be hosted at Jaguar Networks in Marseille (France) : http://www.jaguar-network.com/



I'm working on a new Netlantis project right now, called RANX.

The project is based on an AS Ranking code and concept from PhD Mickael Meulle from France Telecom R&D.

You can read his presentation at NANOG 40 by clicking here.

More infos later...


Netlantis sponsoring

Netlantis database has been taken down a few years ago because the HDD we had couldn't sustain the very high number of operations per second we were doing (even with a FC 10 HDD bay...).

Pascal Gloor decided to recreate all the database system for improved and optimised performance, which he is still doing.

Technology has evolved and we found the device we need in order to save us from past and future hard disk drive failures and lack of performance for our needs (we used to kill one HDD every 6 months).

Thanks to Rob Thomas (Gold Sponsor), we are testing a hardware RAMDISK device, it's called Gigabyte I-RAM (and it's coming from Hong Kong). The hyperfast 8 GB of storage it provides us will really boost Netlantis' return to operations.

Anyway, for those interested, here is Netlantis new sponsoring scheme :

Gold Sponsor

Donation :
- 2k€ (Europe/World) or 2k$ (World)
- two dedicated servers (*) with at least 4 Gb RAM + 2 dual-core CPU and excellent connectivity (main website and main database servers) ... for our I-RAM, one of the server has to be a 4U one with 2 PCI slots.

You get :
- 150 x 60 pixels permanent logo or banner at the top of any *.netlantis.org website
- permanent* honorary non-voting member of the netlantis organization (registered in Switzerland)
- membership will allow you access to all the members-only tools (on-demand generation of maps and posters, etc.)

Silver Sponsor

Donation :
- a dedicated server with at least 2 Gb RAM + 1 CPU with good connectivity (ie: a NRC)

You get :
- company name and link at the bottom of any *.netlantis.org website
- permanent* honorary non-voting member of the netlantis organization (registered in Switzerland)
- membership will allow you access to all the members-only tools (on-demand generation of maps and posters, etc.)

(*) : If the donation is a dedicated server, the membership is subject to the fact that the server stays online.

Routing Table Geoanalysis

Today is the official launch of my latest (and newest) project, the Routing Table Geoanalysis.

In fact, while I was working on the ASGEO project I received an invitation to participate to a visualization competition, NetSci07, with my (now old) rootzmap project... which I did (though I did not win :)).

This is when came to me the idea of creating Geoanalysis posters... and the Netlantis Routing Table Geoanalysis project was born. Of course, this will be part of the Netlantis project (when it's back), so every peer will have its own RTG poster available for download every month.

ps: Note that the rootzmap project will also be available from Netlantis so peers will be available to generate their own map (which is going to make nice t-shirts for your-favorite-NOG meeting) :)


I've just finished the Netlantis routing table geoanalysis poster project :

Poster for AS 13237 (printer-friendly) :

Poster for AS 6730 (screen-friendly) :

Netlantis is now sponsored by MaxMind... they have great (commercial) databases for IP geolocation which are now used for the Poster project and the ASGEO project.

... and since I've finished coding this project, I have time to work on ASGEO.


Expect it to be ready for production by the end of the year.